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Git Packaging Hooks

these files are a set of git hooks to semi-automate the following:

* injecting semantic version strings into the program source code
* signed releases on github
* packaging for debian
* packaging on the opensuse build service (OBS)

sources include graph:
* commit-msg
-> common.sh.inc
-> project-defs.sh.inc
-> staging-pre.sh.inc
-> packaging-pre.sh.inc
* post-commit
-> common.sh.inc
-> project-defs.sh.inc
-> staging-post.sh.inc
-> packaging-post.sh.inc
-> github-post.sh.inc
-> obs-post.sh.inc
-> debian-post.sh.inc

initial local configuration:

* configure git to use these git-packaging-hooks
=> $ git config --local core.hooksPath /path/to/git-packaging-hooks/
* define the project-specific constants in project-defs.sh.inc
* ensure that the project debian/ and obs/ directories are on the `$PACKAGING_BRANCH` only
* copy (or adapt) the gbp.conf from this directory to the project debian/ directory
* ensure that `git config user.name` and `git config user.signingkey` are set
* ensure that `curl` and `piuparts` are installed
=> $ su -c "apt-get install curl piuparts"
* for DEB_BUILD_TOOL='debuild' ensure that `devscripts` is installed
=> $ su -c "apt-get install devscripts"
* for DEB_BUILD_TOOL='sbuild' ensure that `sbuild` and `schroot` are installed
and that your user is in the 'sbuild' group
=> $ su -c "apt-get install sbuild schroot"
=> $ su -c "sbuild-adduser $USER"
=> (optional) set alternate chroot directory
=> $ su -c "mkdir -p ${$DEB_SBUILD_DIR}
=> $ su -c "rm -rf /run/schroot"
=> $ su -c "ln -s $DEB_SBUILD_DIR /run/schroot"
* for DEB_BUILD_TOOL='gbp' ensure that `git-buildpackage` is installed
=> ensure that your user can sudo
=> $ sudo apt-get install debhelper fakeroot git-buildpackage cowbuilder
=> (optional) set alternate chroot directory
=> $ sudo mkdir -p $DEB_PBUILDER_DIR
=> $ sudo rm -rf /var/cache/pbuilder
=> $ sudo ln -s $DEB_PBUILDER_DIR /var/cache/pbuilder

for each release version:

* checkout the `$STAGING_BRANCH` and pull/merge the release state
* ensure that the appropriate tag 'vMAJOR.MINOR' exists on the `$STAGING_BRANCH`
or add a new tag 'vMAJOR.MINOR' if major or minor version should change
* amend the `$STAGING_BRANCH` HEAD commit to trigger the git hooks
* verify that the git hook has put a tag of the form 'vMAJOR.MINOR.REV' on the HEAD
where REV is n_commits after the nearest 'vMAJOR.MINOR' tag
* checkout the `$PACKAGING_BRANCH` to enable the packaging-specific git hooks
* rebase the `$PACKAGING_BRANCH` onto the previous HEAD
* (optional) in debian/changelog
=> add detailed entry for this version to suppress the automated entry

if build or install steps have changed:

* in `$OBS_NAME`.spec.in
=> update '%build' recipe, and/or '%post' install hooks
* in debian.rules
=> update 'build-stamp:' and 'install:' recipes
* in PKGBUILD.in
=> update 'build()' and 'package()' recipes
=> $ gpg --detach-sign PKGBUILD

if output files have changed:

* in `$OBS_NAME`.spec.in
=> update package '%files'

if dependencies have changed:

* in `$OBS_NAME`.spec.in
=> update 'BuildRequires' and/or 'Requires'
* in `$OBS_NAME`.dsc.in
=> update 'Build-Depends'
* in debian.control
=> update 'Build-Depends' and/or 'Depends'
* in PKGBUILD.in
=> update 'makedepends' and/or 'depends'
=> $ gpg --detach-sign PKGBUILD

prepare packaging files:

* add a new commit to trigger the git hooks
=> $ git add --all
=> $ git commit --allow-empty --allow-empty-message --message=''

_NOTE: after each commit to the `$STAGING_BRANCH`:_

* the version string will be written into the configure.ac file
* any git tags of the form 'vMAJOR.MINOR.REV' that are not merged into master will be deleted
* a git tag 'vMAJOR.MINOR.REV' will be put on the HEAD
where REV is n_commits after the nearest 'vMAJOR.MINOR' tag
* autoreconf will be run, the project will be rebuilt and installchecked
* the commit will be rejected if the re-config/re-build fails
* the commit will be amended with '--gpg-sign' if it was not already GPG signed
or if any tracked files had been changed by the re-config/re-build

_NOTE: after each commit to the `$PACKAGING_BRANCH`:_

* all existing git tags are preserved
* rebasing and amend commits are non-eventful and will not trigger any of the following actions
* the \_service, .spec, .dsc, and PKGBUILD files will be created from their corresponding *.in templates
* version strings will be written into the \_service, .spec, .dsc, and PKGBUILD files
* checksums will be written into the .dsc and PKGBUILD files
* a tarball named 'PROJECT_MAJOR.MINOR.REV.orig.tar.gz' will be in the parent directory
* signatures will be generated for the tarball and PKGBUILD
* the .spec and .dsc recipes will be coupled to this tarball
* the .dsc recipe will be coupled to this tarball checksums
* the PKGBUILD recipe will be coupled to this tarball, checksum, and signatures
* a new entry will be added to the debian/changelog if one does not exist for this version
* the new HEAD commit will be amended and signed with the commit message as `$GIT_COMMIT_MSG`
* the `$STAGING_BRANCH`, `$PACKAGING_BRANCH`, and tags will pushed to github
* the PKGBUILD and signatures will be uploaded to the 'vMAJOR.MINOR.REV' github "tag release"
* the local tarball, PKGBUILD, and signatures will be verified as identical to the github "tag release"
* all files in the ./obs/ directory (except *.in) will be copied into the `$OSC_DIR`
* the remote OBS build will be triggered with a checkin
* a debian package will be built, installed, and validated in a clean chroot

finalize the release:

* tweak any debian/ or OSC files and rebuild manually with deb tools and/or osc
as necessary until everything is rocking sweetly
* duplicate any manual changes to the OSC files in the ./obs/ files and amend commit
=> $ git add --all
=> $ git commit --amend
* checkout the master branch and fast-forward to the `$STAGING_BRANCH`
=> $ git checkout master && git merge `$STAGING_BRANCH` && git push upstream master