a highly automated and intuitive digital audio workstation
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Alexandros Theodotou 157a74f6f5
attempt 3 to fix windows build
3 days ago
actions midi function: implement portato and staccato 5 days ago
audio attempt 3 to fix windows build 3 days ago
gui piano roll: implement flam and flip v/h functions 1 week ago
guile work around pipewire bug and fix deadlock in engine 3 months ago
plugins add tracklist preferences button 3 weeks ago
schemas fix segfault when upgrading projects with modulators 7 months ago
settings optimize adding multi-out plugins 2 months ago
utils re-enable analyzer checks, fix reported issues 3 weeks ago
Wrapper.m Revert "change license to AGPLv3 only" 2 years ago
main.c clang-format: raise column limit to 62 11 months ago
meson.build implement spectrum analyzer 3 months ago
project.c skip autosave if any toplevel window is open on top 2 months ago
zrythm.c noop: fix formatting and clang errors 4 months ago
zrythm_app.c zoom to original level with ctrl+0 2 months ago