5647 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
alex ab9480970e hack to get actual glib schemas dir in non-usual prefixes (eg. /opt/zrythm) 4 years ago
alex 9d17630ae7 idle optimizations 4 years ago
alex 2cfeb24498 draw visible parts again instead of caching 4 years ago
alex fbb848efea cache drawing for arrangers/rulers 4 years ago
alex 5a70fb9a96 only draw visible cairo rect in ruler/arranger 4 years ago
alex c377ca22ef add icons to plugin browser, add file browser (WIP) 4 years ago
alex 0bc11f72e3 add right click->add channel functionality 4 years ago
alex e050439380 fix double clicking region locking the piano roll label scroll 4 years ago
alex 5fcf51202b make ruler playhead a widget 4 years ago
alex 2532b3b5bd make playhead a separate overlay widget for timeline 4 years ago
Alex Tee be49174231 Merge branch 'lokal' into 'master' 4 years ago
yustin 59ac8a5395 Fixed returnvalues for all GSources 4 years ago
Alex Tee 1546fd921b Merge branch 'switch_to_yaml' into 'master' 4 years ago
alex a1e3576719 copy paste WORKING 4 years ago
alex 92e5ccc916 paste partly working 4 years ago
alex fa646b858d serialization partly working 4 years ago
alex 96b0d16458 fix trailing control chars crashing cyaml 4 years ago
alex 5c80dc01fa fixed regions not getting selected 4 years ago
alex f7540fc2c1 compiles 4 years ago
alex 53af1c9894 use libcyaml to serialize region (WIP) 4 years ago
alex 510d71a36e set breeze icons as dependency instead 4 years ago
alex 83b5cf1c99 timeline minimap fully functional 4 years ago
alex 4e730cc5a2 timeline minimap partly working 4 years ago
alex 4687a6ab5a add timeline minimap (WIP), refactor arrangers 4 years ago
Alexandros Theodotou 383da744a9 use ver 0.7 of debian container 4 years ago
Alexandros Theodotou 4c451f7518 remove profiling flag (causes jack errors), enable package mode for deb/rpm/pkg 4 years ago
alextee b67c6d6812 add preferences 4 years ago
alextee bdda379c5b add preferences 4 years ago
alextee 71b3286189 add portaudio as a dependency in deb/pkg/rpm 4 years ago
alextee e068390431 use jack by default in port audio 4 years ago
alextee 9f26fb3bcf preliminary portaudio support 4 years ago
alextee dcd30057cd fixed bus channels blocking processing 4 years ago
alex bdd7391355 Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master' 4 years ago
Daniel Peterson 5971a0666c fix undo/redo bug 4 years ago
alextee c8efb02d56 test RPM build 4 years ago
alextee 0498dadaac delete accidentally added file, edit RPM spec file 4 years ago
alextee 6427642631 bumped breeze icons to latest ver 4 years ago
alextee c3bf0bda9a package breeze-dark icon theme with zrythm 4 years ago
alextee 57582e78b0 show changing value on fader/pan widgets (drag tooltip) 4 years ago
alextee 5934e1a475 enable profiling in debug build 4 years ago
alextee b8dc6a0a6f fixed startup issue 4 years ago
alextee 9d84d0426b fixed midi arranger delaying note allocation 4 years ago
alextee 10a4e317c2 add quantize button 4 years ago
alextee 65a5ce8841 fix channels not getting connected to master 4 years ago
alextee ff40c60b07 fix some minor actions 4 years ago
alextee 7de8b10955 use global actions and shortcuts 4 years ago
alextee de3ef420e5 added velocity bars 4 years ago
alextee e420da0559 add shadow to regions 4 years ago
alextee b272a194f0 add midi modifier arranger 4 years ago
alextee ec85b3aee3 use Z prefix for widgets, add velocity 4 years ago