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.. This is part of the Zrythm Manual.
Copyright (C) 2019-2020 Alexandros Theodotou <alex at zrythm dot org>
See the file index.rst for copying conditions.
Device Setup
Connecting MIDI and Audio Devices
Zrythm will auto-connect to the devices specified in
2 years ago
and make these devices available in the
:ref:`track inputs <tracks/inspector-page:Inputs>`
(as below) and other places.
.. image:: /_static/img/track_inputs.png
:align: center
When using the JACK audio and MIDI backend
Zrythm exposes ports to JACK, so devices can
be attached there using a tool like
`Qjackctl <https://qjackctl.sourceforge.io/>`_.
.. image:: /_static/img/midi-devices.png
:align: center
.. note:: Depending on your setup, MIDI devices might need
to be bridged to JACK using :term:`a2jmidid`.
.. note:: Zrythm will not remember connections made