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GNUnet Website

Sourcecode for created from the code base.

Requires python3-jinja2, python3-babel, and gettext.

The currently supported python3 version is python 3.7.

Run "make" to build the HTML.
If you experience a failure related to a python module, run
"make" again.

Expect it to show up in rendered/en/ and other language folders.

Layout / how this comes to be
============================= local variables for values in the Makefile
static/ contains images, css, PDFs, robots.txt, team-images
static/navbar.css CSS for the navigation bar (common/
static/styles.css CSS for the rest of the website
template/ the flat namespace of html.j2 files
dist/ 3rd party content (bootstrap 4, font-awesome)
common/ jinja2 templates. operates on template directory and produces
output in 'rendered/' directory

The 'dist' and 'static' directories will be copied to the output
directory ('rendered/') in the 'all' phase of make. robots.txt
is copied to relevant folders.

Developing with GNU Guix

Creating an ad-hoc development environment containing all of the necessary
software needed to build the HTML files can be easily done using the GNU
Guix functional package manager.

This can be achieved with the following command:

`guix environment --ad-hoc coreutils bash python python-babel python-jinja2 gettext-minimal make -- bash`

After installing the packages, this will drop you into a bash environment
from which you can proceed to run "make".

Alternative Build Method: Docker

Run "make docker" to generate the HTML using a docker container-image (which
will be built from the included ./Dockerfile).

This could be useful if, for example, you are unable to install the required
packages on your system, because it will use the container to install and run
all of the required packages.

Additional Notes

Please use HTML codes, not international signs as found on your keyboard.

This website has been tested with:
* python 3.6.5 and jinja2 2.9.6.
* python 3.7.1, Babel 2.6.0, py-jinja2 2.10 (pkgsrc, NetBSD 8.0)
Since python development in collaborative environments with
a whole range of possibilities in what your environment looks
like, please state problems on the mailinglist instead of just
fixing what *could* work for you.