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# Copyright (C) 2019 Alexandros Theodotou <alex at zrythm dot org>
# Copyright (C) 2017, 2018, 2019 GNUnet e.V.
# Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
# are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
# notice and this notice are preserved. This file is offered as-is,
# without any warranty.
# ----
# All: build HTML pages in all languages and compile the
# TypeScript logic in web-common.
# Hardly anyone seems to read README files anymore, so keep this note here:
# Don't remove the variables for python etc. They exist
# because one system sticks with PEPs, and others opt
# for installing every version side-by-side,
# Same goes for babel.
LANGUAGES = en en_GB gd de es el fr gl it nl ja pt pt_BR ru zh hi ar ko nb_NO cs pl da et fi sv
all: locale/messages.pot locale template
# Consider using pax instead of cp.
cp -R dist rendered/
cp -R static rendered/
cp -R static-unprefixed/* rendered/
cp rendered/sitemap.xml rendered/en/sitemap.xml
#cp rss.xml rendered/rss.xml
#for lang in $(LANGUAGES); do \
#cp rss.xml rendered/$$lang/rss.xml ; \
# Extract translateable strings from jinja2 templates.
# Because of the local i18nfix extractor module we need
# to set the pythonpath before invoking pybabel.
locale/messages.pot: common/* template/*.j2
PYTHONPATH="${PYTHONPATH}:." $(BABEL) -v extract -F locale/ -o locale/messages.pot .
# Update translation (.po) files with new strings.
locale-update: locale/messages.pot
for lang in $(LANGUAGES); do \
if [[ "x$$lang" != "xen" ]] ; then \
msgmerge -U -m --previous locale/$$lang/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po locale/messages.pot ; \
fi \
if grep -nA1 '#-#-#-#-#' locale/*/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po; then echo -e "\nERROR: Conflicts encountered in PO files.\n"; exit 1; fi
# Compile translation files for use.
for lang in $(LANGUAGES); do \
if [[ "x$$lang" != "xen" ]] ; then \
$(BABEL) -v compile -d locale -l $$lang ; \
fi \
# Process everything related to gettext translations.
locale: locale-update locale-compile
# Run the jinja2 templating engine to expand templates to HTML
# incorporating translations.
template: locale-compile .credentials
. ./.credentials && \
$(PYTHON) ./
it: template
current_dir = $(shell pwd)
run: all
@[ "$(BROWSER)" ] || ( echo "You need to export the environment variable 'BROWSER' to run this."; exit 1 )
cd rendered && $(PYTHON) -m http.server
rm -rf __pycache__
rm -rf rendered/
rm -rf *.pyc *~ \.*~ \#*\#