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# Translations template for PROJECT.
# Copyright (C) 2017 ORGANIZATION
# This file is distributed under the same license as the PROJECT project.
# Weblate Admin <>, 2019.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: PROJECT VERSION\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: EMAIL@ADDRESS\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2019-07-15 23:08+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2019-05-04 23:30+0000\n"
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"X-Generator: Weblate 3.6.1\n"
"Generated-By: Babel 2.4.0\n"
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msgid "Zrythm"
msgstr "Zrythm"
#: common/base.j2:21 template/index.html.j2:142
msgid "An highly automated, intuitive, Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)"
msgstr ""
"Высокоавтоматизированная, интуитивно понятная рабочая станция цифрового "
"аудио (DAW)"
#: common/ template/team.html.j2:21
msgid "Team"
msgstr ""
#: common/
msgid "Contact"
msgstr "Контактная"
#: common/ template/about.html.j2:22
msgid "About Zrythm"
msgstr "О Zrythm"
#: common/ common/
#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Bug Tracker"
msgid "Issue Tracker"
msgstr "Баг-трекер"
#: common/ common/
msgid "Source Code"
msgstr "Исходный код"
#: common/ template/javascript.html.j2:21
#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Contact information"
msgid "JavaScript Licenses"
msgstr "Контактная информация"
#: common/ common/
msgid "Manual"
msgstr "Руководство"
#: common/ common/
msgid "FAQ"
msgstr "Вопросы и ответы"
#: common/
#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Support Us!"
msgid "Support Us"
msgstr "Поддержите нас"
#: common/
#, python-format
msgid ""
"Copyright &copy; 2019 Alexandros Theodotou et al.<br> <a href="
"\"%(git_web_url)s\">Source code of this site.</a></br> Report issues with "
"this website to <a href=\""
msgstr ""
#: common/
msgid "Community"
msgstr "Сообщество"
#: common/
msgid "Forum"
msgstr "Форум"
#: common/
msgid "Discussion"
msgstr "Обсуждение"
#: common/
msgid "Join Us"
msgstr "Присоединяйтесь"
#: common/
msgid "Development"
msgstr "Девелопмент"
#: common/
#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Development"
msgid "Developer Docs"
msgstr "Разработчик"
#: common/
msgid "Documentation"
msgstr "Документация"
#: common/ template/tutorial.html.j2:21
msgid "Tutorials"
msgstr "Руководства"
#: common/
msgid "Glossary"
msgstr "Глоссарий"
#: template/about.html.j2:25
msgid "Version"
msgstr ""
#: template/about.html.j2:32
msgid "Introduction"
msgstr ""
#: template/about.html.j2:34
msgid ""
"Zrythm is a native GNU/Linux application built using C and the GTK+3 toolkit "
"and borrows ideas, concepts and code from other projects such as Ardour and "
"Jalv. It is designed to be intuitive to use and is built with the intention "
"to provide GNU/Linux users a full-featured alternative to proprietary DAWs, "
"while offering a unique approach to workflow that other GNU/Linux DAWs lack."
msgstr ""
"Zrythm - это собственное приложение GNU / Linux, созданное с использованием "
"C и инструментария GTK +3, которое заимствует идеи, концепции и код из "
"других проектов, таких как Ardor и Jalv."
#: template/about.html.j2:40
msgid "First Commit"
msgstr ""
#: template/about.html.j2:42
msgid ""
"The first commit was made on <code>Wed Jul 25 22:35:01 2018 +0900</code>."
msgstr ""
#: template/about.html.j2:46
msgid "Current Stage"
msgstr ""
#: template/about.html.j2:48
msgid ""
"Early alpha. Somewhat functional but has unimplemented features and crashes "
"a lot."
msgstr ""
#: template/contact.html.j2:21
msgid "Contact information"
msgstr "Контактная информация"
#: template/contact.html.j2:27
#, fuzzy
#| msgid "The mailing list"
msgid "Mailing Lists"
msgstr "Список рассылки"
#: template/contact.html.j2:29
msgid ""
"Archived, public mailing lists for Zrythm are hosted <a href=\"https://"
"\">here</a> You can send messages to "
"the lists at <a href=\"\">zrythm-user@nongnu."
"org</a> for general user inquiries/discussions and <a href=\"mailto:zrythm-"
"\"></a> for development discussions."
msgstr ""
#: template/contact.html.j2:39
msgid "IRC/Matrix"
msgstr ""
#: template/contact.html.j2:41
msgid ""
"Zrythm is reachable on IRC at <code>#zrythm</code> (via "
"and Matrix at <code><a href=\""
"org\"></a></code>. The channels are bridged so the "
"messages are all shared."
msgstr ""
#: template/contact.html.j2:52
msgid "Contacting individuals"
msgstr "Связаться с людьми"
#: template/contact.html.j2:54
msgid ""
"See the <a href=\"team.html\">Team</a> page for contact information of each "
msgstr ""
#: template/contact.html.j2:61
msgid "Reporting bugs"
msgstr "Сообщения об ошибках"
#: template/contact.html.j2:63
#, fuzzy, python-format
#| msgid ""
#| "We track open feature requests and bugs for projects within Zrythm in our "
#| "<a href=\"\">Bug tracker</a>. "
#| "You can also report bugs or feature requests to the <a href=\"https://"
#| "\">zrythm-user</a> mailing "
#| "list. The mailinglist requires no subscription."
msgid ""
"We track open feature requests and bugs for projects within Zrythm in our <a "
"href=\"%(git_url)s/issues\">Issue tracker</a>. You can also report bugs or "
"feature requests to the <a href=\"\">user "
"mailing list</a>."
msgstr ""
"Мы отслеживаем запросы на открытые функции и ошибки для проектов в Zrythm в "
"нашем <a href=\"\">трекере</a> "
#: template/engage.html.j2:23
msgid "Talk With Us"
msgstr "Связаться с нами"
#: template/engage.html.j2:26
#, fuzzy
#| msgid ""
#| "Use the mailing lists, and join our <a href=\"ircs://chat.freenode."
#| "net:6697/#zrythm\">IRC channel</a> to keep up with development, find "
#| "technical help, and discuss Zrythm."
msgid ""
"Use the mailing lists and join our chatrooms to keep up with development, "
"find technical help, and discuss Zrythm."
msgstr ""
"Используйте списки рассылки и присоединяйтесь к нашему <a href=\"ircs://chat."
"\">IRC-каналу,</a> чтобы быть в курсе разработки, "
"найти техническую помощь и обсудить Zrythm."
#: template/engage.html.j2:36
msgid "Announcements Mailing List"
msgstr ""
#: template/engage.html.j2:40
msgid "General Help Mailing List"
msgstr ""
#: template/engage.html.j2:44
#, fuzzy
msgid "Development Mailing List"
msgstr "Девелопмент"
#: template/engage.html.j2:48
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Available on <a href=\"ircs://\">irc.freenode."
"net</a> in the channel <code>#zrythm</code>."
msgstr ""
"<i class=\"fa fa-comments\"></i> Доступно на <a href=\""
"\"></a> в канале <a href=\"ircs://"
"#zrythm\">#zrythm</a> ."
#: template/engage.html.j2:55
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Available on <a href=\""
"\">Matrix</a> in the channel <code></code> (bridged "
"with IRC)."
msgstr ""
"<i class=\"fa fa-comments\"></i> Доступно по <a href=\""
"\">матрице</a> на канале <a href=\""
"\"># freenode_ # zrythm:</a> ."
#: template/faq.html.j2:22
msgid "Frequently Asked Questions"
msgstr ""
#: template/faq.html.j2:28
msgid "What's the current development status?"
msgstr ""
#: template/faq.html.j2:30
msgid ""
"Zrythm is in the early alpha stage. Many essential features are already "
"implemented but we do not recommend it for production yet. You are welcome "
"to test each release and provide us with feedback if you would like to help "
"speed things up."
msgstr ""
#: template/faq.html.j2:35
msgid "What plugin protocols are supported?"
msgstr "Какие протоколы плагинов поддерживаются?"
#: template/faq.html.j2:37
msgid "LV2 at the moment. VST2 and VST3 coming soon."
msgstr "LV2 на данный момент. VST2 and VST3 coming soon."
#: template/faq.html.j2:42
msgid "I'm building from source and I want to run Zrythm without installing"
msgstr "Я собираю из исходного кода и хочу запустить Zrythm без установки"
#: template/faq.html.j2:44
msgid ""
"Run <code>glib-compile-schemas data/</code> and then run zrythm using "
"<code>GSETTINGS_SCHEMA_DIR=data ./build/zrythm</code>"
msgstr ""
"Запустите <code>glib-compile-schemas data/</code> а затем запустите zrythm, "
"используя <code>GSETTINGS_SCHEMA_DIR=data ./build/zrythm</code>"
#: template/faq.html.j2:48
msgid "I get unmet dependencies when installing on Ubuntu"
msgstr "Я получаю неудовлетворенные зависимости при установке на Ubuntu"
#: template/faq.html.j2:50
msgid "Enable the universe repository:"
msgstr "Включить репозиторий юниверсов:"
#: template/index.html.j2:60
#, fuzzy, python-format
#| msgid ""
#| "Zrythm is a highly automated Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) designed to "
#| "be featureful and intuitive to use. Zrythm sets itself apart from other "
#| "DAWs by allowing extensive automation via built-in LFOs and envelopes and "
#| "intuitive MIDI/audio editing and arranging via clips."
msgid ""
"Zrythm [<em>%(pronunciation)s</em>] is a highly automated Digital Audio "
"Workstation (DAW) designed to be featureful and intuitive to use. Zrythm "
"sets itself apart from other DAWs by allowing extensive automation via built-"
"in LFOs and envelopes and intuitive MIDI/audio editing and arranging via "
msgstr ""
"Zrythm - это высокоавтоматизированная цифровая звуковая рабочая станция "
"(DAW), разработанная, чтобы быть функциональной и интуитивно понятной в "
#: template/index.html.j2:64
msgid ""
"In the usual Composing -> Mixing -> Mastering workflow, Zrythm puts the most "
"focus on the Composing part. It allows musicians to quickly lay down and "
"process their musical ideas without taking too much time for unnecessary "
msgstr ""
"В обычном процессе Composing -&gt; Mixing -&gt; Mastering, Zrythm уделяет "
"наибольшее внимание компоненту Composing."
#: template/index.html.j2:68
#, fuzzy
#| msgid ""
#| "Zrythm is <a href=\"\">free "
#| "software</a> licensed under the GPLv3+."
msgid ""
"Zrythm is <a href=\"\">free "
"software</a> licensed under the <a href=\""
"agpl-3.0.html\">GNU Affero General Public License, version 3.0 or later</a>"
msgstr ""
"Zrythm - это <a href=\""
"\">бесплатное программное обеспечение,</a> лицензируемое по лицензии GPLv3 +."
#: template/index.html.j2:76
#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Downloads"
msgid "Download"
msgstr "Скачать"
#: template/index.html.j2:85
#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Source Code"
msgid "Source Tarball"
msgstr "Исходный код"
#: template/index.html.j2:95
msgid "Signature"
msgstr ""
#: template/index.html.j2:105
msgid "SHA256 Sum"
msgstr ""
#: template/index.html.j2:115
msgid "GPG Key"
msgstr ""
#: template/index.html.j2:125
msgid "Join &amp; support us!"
msgstr "Присоединяйтесь и поддержите нас!"
#: template/index.html.j2:131
#, python-format
msgid ""
"For more installation options see the <a href=\""
msgstr ""
#: template/index.html.j2:148
msgid "Automated"
msgstr "Автоматизация"
#: template/index.html.j2:150
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Built-in LFOs and envelopes for automating controls, automation curves for "
"more detailed automation, clips to loop your MIDI notes/audio and more."
msgstr ""
"Встроенные LFO и конверты для автоматизации управления. Automation curves "
"for more detailed automation. Clips to loop your MIDI notes and audio. And "
#: template/index.html.j2:160
msgid "Intuitive"
msgstr "Интуитивный"
#: template/index.html.j2:162
msgid ""
"Zrythm tries to keep the interface clean and pleasant to work with, with "
"intuitive ways of getting work done enabling a faster workflow."
msgstr ""
"Zrythm старается поддерживать интерфейс чистым и приятным для работы, "
"используя интуитивно понятные способы выполнения работы, ускоряющие рабочий "
#: template/index.html.j2:171
msgid "Featureful"
msgstr "функциональный"
#: template/index.html.j2:174
msgid ""
"Automation Curves, Busses, drag and drop LV2 Plugins and Audio files, "
"Arranger Minimap, etc."
msgstr ""
"Кривые автоматизации, шины, перетаскивание LV2 плагины и аудио файлы, мини-"
"карта Arranger и т. Д."
#: template/index.html.j2:190
msgid "Features"
msgstr "Характеристики"
#: template/index.html.j2:199
msgid "Limitless Automation"
msgstr "Безграничная Автоматизация"
#: template/index.html.j2:202
#, fuzzy
#| msgid ""
#| "Automate almost anything with built-in envelopes and automation curves."
msgid ""
"Automate almost anything with automation tracks using straight lines, ramps "
"and curves."
msgstr ""
"Автоматизируйте практически все, используя встроенные конверты и кривые "
#: template/index.html.j2:212
msgid "Built-in Modulators"
msgstr ""
#: template/index.html.j2:215
msgid ""
"Modulate plugin controls using built-in LFOs, envelopes and other modulators "
"in the modulators tab."
msgstr ""
#: template/index.html.j2:224
msgid "Chord Assistance"
msgstr ""
#: template/index.html.j2:226
msgid ""
"A chord pad for quickly trying out chords in a scale and a chord track to "
"help with chord progressions."
msgstr ""
#: template/index.html.j2:238
msgid "LV2 Plugins"
msgstr "Плагины LV2"
#: template/index.html.j2:240
#, fuzzy
msgid "Works with LV2, a free standard for audio plugins."
msgstr "Работает с LV2, открытым стандартом для аудио плагинов."
#: template/index.html.j2:248
msgid "Speaks Your Language"
msgstr "Говорит на вашем языке"
#: template/index.html.j2:250
#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese."
msgid ""
"Available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and many "
"more languages."
msgstr ""
"Доступно на английском, немецком, французском, итальянском, испанском и "
"японском языках."
#: template/index.html.j2:259
msgid "Cross-platform"
msgstr "Кроссплатформенность"
#: template/index.html.j2:261
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Works on GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and MacOS, including PCs, laptops and tablets."
msgstr "Работает на Windows, GNU / Linux и Mac OS"
#: template/index.html.j2:274
msgid "News"
msgstr "Новости"
#: template/javascript.html.j2:30
msgid "Minified"
msgstr ""
#: template/javascript.html.j2:31
msgid "License"
msgstr ""
#: template/javascript.html.j2:32
#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Source Code"
msgid "Source"
msgstr "Исходный код"
#: template/join-us.html.j2:23
msgid "Join the Zrythm Team"
msgstr "Присоединяйтесь к команде Zrythm"
#: template/join-us.html.j2:26
msgid ""
"If you are a graphic designer, programmer, speak a foreign language or have "
"any ideas about improving Zrythm you are welcome to <a href=\"engage.html"
"\">come say hello and join us</a>."
msgstr ""
#: template/join-us.html.j2:41
#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Development"
msgid "Develop"
msgstr "Разработать"
#: template/join-us.html.j2:44
#, python-format
msgid ""
"Patches are welcome in the <a href=\"%(git_url)s\"> main repository</a>."
msgstr ""
#: template/join-us.html.j2:48
msgid ""
"We have plenty of beginner-friendly issues and we even offer bounties for "
"some. There is <a href=\"\">well-maintained, "
"searchable code documentation</a> available, so it would be a good idea to "
"start there. Please review the <a href=\""
"md_CONTRIBUTING.html\">Contributing Guidelines</a> before you start."
msgstr ""
#: template/join-us.html.j2:57
#, fuzzy
msgid "Translate"
msgstr "Translate"
#: template/join-us.html.j2:60
#, fuzzy, python-format
msgid ""
"If you can speak a foreign language and want to help, please take a look at "
"the <a href=\""
"html\">translation instructions</a>. Translating Zrythm and its components "
"is done via <a href=\"\"> a "
"simple web interface</a> so no coding experience is needed. All you need is "
"a web browser."
msgstr ""
"Если вы можете говорить на иностранном языке и хотите помочь, ознакомьтесь с "
"<a href=\""
"\">инструкциями</a> по <a href=\""
#: template/join-us.html.j2:73
msgid "Test"
msgstr ""
#: template/join-us.html.j2:76
#, python-format
msgid ""
"You can always help by offering to test pre-released versions of Zrythm and "
"providing feedback or report bugs. You can find build and installation "
"instructions in the <a href=\"%(git_url)s/plain/\">README</a> and "
"<a href=\"%(git_url)s/plain/\">CONTRIBUTING</a> files. Please "
"submit bug reports and ideas to <a href=\""
msgstr ""
#: template/join-us.html.j2:87
msgid "Design"
msgstr "Проектирование"
#: template/join-us.html.j2:90
msgid ""
"If you are a web designer, icon designer or graphic designer and want to "
"help, please get in touch with us. Things that you might want to do are "
"logos, icons and other graphics, CSS, etc."
msgstr ""
"Если вы веб-дизайнер, дизайнер иконок или графический дизайнер и хотите "
"помочь, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами."
#: template/join-us.html.j2:97
#, fuzzy, python-format
#| msgid ""
#| "Zrythm itself is fully CSS themeable so it's easy to change its design "
#| "without knowing much about the code. Have a look <a href=\"https://git."
#| "\">here</a>."
msgid ""
"Zrythm itself is fully CSS themeable so it's easy to change its design "
"without knowing much about the code. Have a look <a href=\"%(git_blob_url)s/"
msgstr ""
"Сам Zrythm полностью поддерживает CSS, поэтому легко изменить его дизайн, не "
"зная много о коде. Have a look <a href=\""
#: template/join-us.html.j2:105
msgid "Donate"
msgstr ""
#: template/join-us.html.j2:108
msgid ""
"We appreciate contributions of any size -- donations enable us to spend more "
"time working on the project, and help cover our infrastructure expenses. "
"Europeans are able to donate via SEPA through LiberaPay. Major Credit/Debit "
"cards are also accepted. Alternatively, you can donate via Bitcoin or PayPal."
msgstr ""
#: template/join-us.html.j2:116
msgid ""
"Since our project isn't a tax-exempt organization, we can't offer you a tax "
"deduction, but for all donations over 50 USD, we'd be happy to recognize "
"your contribution on <a href=''>Supporters "
msgstr ""
#: template/join-us.html.j2:123
msgid ""
"We are also happy to consider making particular improvements or changes, or "
"giving specific technical assistance, in return for a substantial donation "
"over 200 USD. If you would like to discuss this possibility, write to us at "
"<a href=''></a>."
msgstr ""
#: template/
msgid "posted by"
msgstr ""
#: template/
msgid "on"
msgstr ""
#: template/
msgid "More news"
msgstr "Больше новостей"
#: template/team.html.j2:23
#, python-format
msgid ""
"The current team working on Zrythm. For a full list of contributors see the "
"<a href=\"%(git_blob_url)s/AUTHORS\">AUTHORS</a>, <a href=\"%(git_blob_url)s/"
"TRANSLATORS\">TRANSLATORS</a> and <a href=\"%(git_blob_url)s/THANKS"
"\">THANKS</a> files in the distribution."
msgstr ""
#: template/team.html.j2:53
msgid "Zrythm maintainer"
msgstr "Zrythm сопровождающий"
#: template/team.html.j2:66
#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Development"
msgid "Developer"
msgstr "Разработчик"
#: template/team.html.j2:81
#, fuzzy
msgid "French translator"
msgstr "Translate"
#: template/tutorial.html.j2:24
msgid ""
"This page holds various tutorials for Zrythm. Some of them are not complete, "
"but we find them useful regardless of their state."
msgstr ""
#: template/tutorial.html.j2:30
msgid "Zrythm installation instructions: <ul> <li>TODO</li> </ul>"
msgstr ""