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# Translations template for PROJECT.
# Copyright (C) 2017 ORGANIZATION
# This file is distributed under the same license as the PROJECT project.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: PROJECT VERSION\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: EMAIL@ADDRESS\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2020-11-14 05:07+0000\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2020-09-26 11:50+0000\n"
"Last-Translator: Marc <>\n"
"Language-Team: Spanish <>\n"
"Language: es\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=n != 1;\n"
"Generated-By: Babel 2.4.0\n"
3 years ago
"X-Generator: Weblate 4.3-dev\n"
3 years ago
msgid "ZChordz maps the chords of a minor or major scale to white keys"
msgstr ""
"ZChordz mapea los acordes de una escala mayor o menor a las teclas blancas"
3 years ago
msgid "Major or minor scale"
msgstr "Escala mayor o menor"
3 years ago
msgid "Velocity multiplier per note"
msgstr "Multiplicador de velocidad por nota"
3 years ago
msgid "ZLFO is a fully featured LFO for CV-based automation"
msgstr "ZLFO es un LFO completo para automatizaciones basadas en CV"
3 years ago
msgid "Multi-oscillator with custom wave"
msgstr "Multi oscilador con onda personalizada"
3 years ago
msgid "Phase shift"
msgstr "Desplazamiento de fase"
3 years ago
msgid "Vertical/horizontal inversion"
msgstr "Inversión vertical/horizontal"
3 years ago
msgid "Step mode"
msgstr ""
3 years ago
msgid "Editable range"
msgstr ""
3 years ago
msgid "Sync to host or free-form"
msgstr ""
3 years ago
msgid "ZSaw is a supersaw synth with 1 parameter"
msgstr ""
3 years ago
msgid "7 sawtooth oscillators"
msgstr ""
3 years ago
msgid "Single knob to control detune"
msgstr ""
#: common/
msgid "The Zrythm contributors"
msgstr ""
#: common/
msgid "Legal"
msgstr ""
#: common/
msgid "Privacy"
msgstr ""
#: common/
msgid ""
"DAW, digital audio workstation, music production, audio, pro audio, Linux, "
"GNU/Linux, free software, libre software, sound editor, composition, MIDI, "
msgstr ""
"DAW, estación de trabajo digital para audio, producción musical, sonido, "
"audio profesional, Linux, GNU/Linux, software libre, editor de sonido, "
"composición, MIDI, LV2, JACK"
#: common/
msgid "Home"
msgstr "Inicio"
#: common/ template/download.html.j2:19
#: template/download.html.j2:33
msgid "Download"
msgstr "Descargar"
#: common/ template/explore.html.j2:19
#: template/explore.html.j2:31
msgid "Explore"
msgstr "Explora"
#: common/ template/learn.html.j2:19
#: template/learn.html.j2:31
msgid "Learn"
msgstr "Aprender"
#: common/ template/plugins.html.j2:19
#: template/plugins.html.j2:32
msgid "Plugins"
msgstr "Plugins"
#: common/ template/community.html.j2:19
#: template/community.html.j2:31
msgid "Community"
msgstr "Comunidad"
3 years ago
#: common/
msgid "Forum"
msgstr "Foro"
#: common/
msgid "Language"
msgstr "Idioma"
#: template/community.html.j2:22
msgid "Zrythm's community pages and communication channels"
msgstr "Páginas comunitarias y canales de comunicación de Zrythm"
#: template/community.html.j2:37
msgid "Chat"
msgstr "Charla"
#: template/community.html.j2:52
msgid "Mail"
msgstr "Correo"
#: template/community.html.j2:59
msgid "Users"
msgstr "Usuarios"
#: template/community.html.j2:62
msgid "Developers"
msgstr "Desarrolladores"
#: template/community.html.j2:66
msgid "Project"
msgstr "Proyecto"
#: template/community.html.j2:73
msgid "Issue tracker"
msgstr ""
#: template/community.html.j2:76
msgid "Translations"
msgstr ""
#: template/download.html.j2:22
msgid "Download Zrythm's source code or purchase a binary package installer"
msgstr ""
"Descargar el código fuente de Zrythm o comprar un instalador de paquetes "
#: template/download.html.j2:39
msgid "Source code"
msgstr "Código fuente"
#: template/download.html.j2:49
msgid "Releases"
msgstr ""
#: template/download.html.j2:52
msgid "GPG Key"
msgstr ""
#: template/download.html.j2:126
msgid "Installer"
msgstr ""
#: template/download.html.j2:133
msgid "trial"
msgstr ""
#: template/download.html.j2:137
msgid "alpha/beta"
msgstr "alfa/beta"
#: template/download.html.j2:138
msgid "full"
msgstr ""
#: template/download.html.j2:141
msgid "subscription"
msgstr "suscripción"
#: template/download.html.j2:147
msgid "Bundled plugins (basic)"
msgstr ""
#: template/download.html.j2:148
msgid "Goes silent after 30 minutes"
msgstr ""
#: template/download.html.j2:149
msgid "Save/load is disabled"
msgstr ""
#: template/download.html.j2:150
msgid "<b>£0</b>"
msgstr ""
#: template/download.html.j2:155
msgid "Compiled with all features"
3 years ago
msgstr ""
#: template/download.html.j2:156
msgid "Bundled plugins (all)"
msgstr ""
#: template/download.html.j2:157
3 years ago
msgid "PDF user manual"
msgstr ""
#: template/download.html.j2:158
3 years ago
msgid "<b>£5</b> single version"
3 years ago
msgstr ""
#: template/download.html.j2:159
3 years ago
msgid "<b>+£10</b> beta bundle"
msgstr ""
#: template/download.html.j2:164
msgid "Full version"
msgstr "Versión completa"
#: template/download.html.j2:165
3 years ago
msgid "Upgrades to new releases"
msgstr ""
#: template/download.html.j2:166
3 years ago
msgid "Access to nightly builds"
3 years ago
msgstr ""
#: template/download.html.j2:167
msgid "<b>£5/month</b>"
msgstr ""
#: template/download.html.j2:175
msgid "Try Now"
msgstr ""
#: template/download.html.j2:182
msgid ""
"This is a trial version with limited functionality. Please select your "
"operating system."
msgstr ""
#: template/download.html.j2:185
msgid "GNU/Linux"
msgstr "GNU/Linux"
#: template/download.html.j2:186
msgid "Windows 64-bit"
msgstr "Windows de 64 bits"
#: template/download.html.j2:197
msgid "Buy Now"
msgstr "Comprar ahora"
#: template/download.html.j2:204
msgid "Subscribe"
msgstr "Suscribirse"
#: template/download.html.j2:211
msgid "Support Zrythm by purchasing an installer."
msgstr ""
#: template/download.html.j2:212
msgid "This month we received £{amount}."
msgstr ""
#: template/download.html.j2:214
msgid ""
"This includes donations from LiberaPay, PayPal, OpenCollective, downloads "
"and subscriptions"
msgstr ""
#: template/explore.html.j2:22
msgid "List of features, functionality, and reviews"
msgstr "Lista de características, funcionalidad y reseñas"
#: template/explore.html.j2:37
msgid "Demos"
msgstr ""
#: template/explore.html.j2:46 template/explore.html.j2:60
#: template/explore.html.j2:81 template/explore.html.j2:102
#: template/learn.html.j2:51 template/learn.html.j2:71
#: template/learn.html.j2:99 template/learn.html.j2:120
#: template/learn.html.j2:141 template/learn.html.j2:162
#: template/learn.html.j2:184
msgid "Your browser does not support HTML5 video"
msgstr ""
#: template/explore.html.j2:51
msgid "Basic demo"
msgstr "Demostración básica"
#: template/explore.html.j2:65
msgid "Just For Kicks"
msgstr ""
3 years ago
#: template/explore.html.j2:70 template/explore.html.j2:91
#: template/explore.html.j2:112 template/learn.html.j2:59
#: template/learn.html.j2:81 template/learn.html.j2:109
#: template/learn.html.j2:130 template/learn.html.j2:151
#: template/learn.html.j2:172 template/learn.html.j2:194
3 years ago
msgid "Video by"
msgstr ""
3 years ago
#: template/explore.html.j2:86
msgid "Zrythm + BJumblr jam"
msgstr ""
#: template/explore.html.j2:107
msgid "For River (Piano)"
msgstr ""
#: template/explore.html.j2:122 template/plugins.html.j2:53
msgid "Features"
msgstr "Características"
#: template/explore.html.j2:130 template/explore.html.j2:134
msgid "Piano roll"
msgstr ""
#: template/explore.html.j2:139
msgid "Create, edit and arrange MIDI events in a dedicated piano roll."
msgstr ""
#: template/explore.html.j2:148 template/explore.html.j2:161
msgid "Anywhere-to-anywhere connections"
msgstr ""
#: template/explore.html.j2:153
msgid "Connect anything to anything."
msgstr "Conecta lo que sea a lo que sea"
#: template/explore.html.j2:168
msgid "Bounce in place"
msgstr "Brinca en el lugar"
#: template/explore.html.j2:172
msgid "Bounce in-place"
msgstr ""
#: template/explore.html.j2:177
msgid "Quickly bounce selected material to audio."
msgstr ""
#: template/explore.html.j2:186 template/explore.html.j2:199
msgid "Automation curves"
msgstr "Curvas de automatización"
#: template/explore.html.j2:191
msgid "Automate parameters with straight lines or curves."
msgstr "Automatiza parámetros con lineas rectas o curvas."
#: template/explore.html.j2:204
msgid "Reviews"
msgstr "Reseñas"
#: template/explore.html.j2:212
msgid "unfa livestream: Synthesizing snare drums with Geonkick"
msgstr ""
#: template/explore.html.j2:220
msgid "Article from Issue 229/2019 of Linux Magazine"
msgstr ""
#: template/explore.html.j2:228
msgid ""
"Phoronix news: Zrythm approaching beta as an easy-to-use, open-source "
"digital audio workstation"
msgstr ""
#: template/index.html.j2:19
msgid "Digital Audio Workstation"
msgstr "Estación de trabajo de Audio Digital"
#: template/index.html.j2:22
msgid ""
"Zrythm is a digital audio workstation designed to be featureful and easy to "
"use. It allows limitless automation, supports LV2 plugins, works with the "
"JACK audio backend and provides chord assistance."
msgstr ""
"Zrythm es una estación de trabajo de audio digital diseñada para ser "
"funcional y fácil de utilizar. Le brinda una automatización sin límites, "
"admite complementos LV2, funciona con el dorsal de audio JACK y provee "
"asistencia armónica."
#: template/index.html.j2:33
msgid "Zrythm"
msgstr "Zrythm"
#: template/index.html.j2:35
msgid "a highly automated and intuitive digital audio workstation"
msgstr ""
"una estación de trabajo digital para audio altamente automatizada e "
#: template/index.html.j2:51
msgid "Overview"
msgstr "Generalidades"
#: template/index.html.j2:57
msgid ""
"Zrythm is a {tooltip1}cross-platform{endtooltip} {tooltip2}digital audio "
"workstation{endtooltip} designed to be featureful and easy to use."
msgstr ""
#: template/index.html.j2:60
msgid "Zrythm works on GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS and Windows"
msgstr ""
#: template/index.html.j2:64
msgid ""
"A DAW is used for composing, recording, editing, arranging, mixing and "
"mastering music"
msgstr ""
#: template/index.html.j2:76
msgid "Limitless automation"
msgstr "Automatización sin límites"
#: template/index.html.j2:81
msgid ""
"Automate almost anything with automation events using straight lines, ramps "
"and curves, or with LFOs and envelopes."
msgstr ""
"Automatice casi todo a través de sucesos, utilizando líneas rectas, rampas y"
" curvas, o bien mediante LFO y envolventes."
#: template/index.html.j2:94
msgid "Audio plugins"
msgstr ""
#: template/index.html.j2:99
msgid ""
"Complete support for <a href=\"\">LV2</a> and VST2, with "
"experimental support for VST3, AU, SFZ and SF2."
msgstr ""
#: template/index.html.j2:113
msgid "Multi-backend support"
msgstr ""
#: template/index.html.j2:118
msgid ""
"Fully <a href=\"\">JACK</a> aware, including support "
"for JACK transport, ALSA, WASAPI, Windows MME, CoreMidi and CoreAudio."
msgstr ""
#: template/index.html.j2:131
msgid "Chord assistance"
msgstr "Asistencia armónica"
#: template/index.html.j2:136
msgid ""
"Featuring a chord pad for quickly trying out chords in a scale and a chord "
"track to help with chord progressions."
msgstr ""
"Incluye un panel de acordes para probar rápidamente acordes en escala, así "
"como una pista de acordes para ayudar con las progresiones armónicas."
#: template/index.html.j2:151
msgid "Liberating"
msgstr ""
#: template/index.html.j2:156
msgid ""
3 years ago
"Zrythm is <a "
"href=\"\">free "
"software</a>. Use, study, share and improve it freely."
msgstr ""
#: template/index.html.j2:168
msgid "Multilingual"
msgstr "Plurilingüe"
#: template/index.html.j2:173
msgid ""
"Available in <a href=\"\">multiple "
"languages</a> including English, French, Galician, Portuguese, Japanese and "
msgstr ""
#: template/index.html.j2:183
msgid "Learn more"
msgstr ""
#: template/index.html.j2:190
msgid "Sponsors"
msgstr ""
#: template/index.html.j2:195
msgid ""
"No public sponsors. <a href=\"\">Contact us</a> "
"if you would like to be a sponsor."
msgstr ""
#: template/learn.html.j2:22
msgid "Zrythm reference pages - user manual - tutorials"
msgstr "Páginas de referencia de Zrythm: manual de usuario, tutoriales…"
#: template/learn.html.j2:37
msgid "Tutorials"
msgstr "Tutoriales"
#: template/learn.html.j2:42
msgid "General"
msgstr ""
3 years ago
#: template/learn.html.j2:76
msgid "Routing"
msgstr ""
#: template/learn.html.j2:90
msgid "Editing"
msgstr ""
#: template/learn.html.j2:104
msgid "Select/Stretch Tool"
msgstr ""
#: template/learn.html.j2:125
msgid "Edit Tool"
msgstr ""
#: template/learn.html.j2:146
msgid "Cut Tool"
msgstr ""
#: template/learn.html.j2:167
msgid "Ramp Tool"
msgstr ""
#: template/learn.html.j2:189
msgid "Looping regions"
msgstr ""
#: template/learn.html.j2:204
msgid "Documentation"
msgstr "Documentación"
#: template/learn.html.j2:211
msgid "User Manual"
msgstr ""
#: template/learn.html.j2:214
msgid "Developer Reference"
msgstr ""
#: template/legal.html.j2:19 template/legal.html.j2:31
msgid "Legal information"
msgstr ""
#: template/legal.html.j2:22
msgid "Legal, licensing and trademark information"
msgstr ""
#: template/legal.html.j2:37
msgid "Licensing"
msgstr ""
#: template/legal.html.j2:43
msgid ""
"Zrythm is copyrighted by Alexandros Theodotou and other contributors. Zrythm"
" is released under the <a "
"href=\"\">GNU Affero General "
"Public License, version 3 or later</a>."
msgstr ""
#: template/legal.html.j2:50
msgid ""
3 years ago
"Unless otherwise stated, Videos found on the Zrythm website are released "
"under <a href=\"\">Creative "
"Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International</a>."
msgstr ""
#: template/legal.html.j2:63
msgid "Trademarks"
msgstr ""
3 years ago
#: template/legal.html.j2:69
msgid "Zrythm and the Zrythm logo are trademarks of Alexandros Theodotou."
msgstr ""
#: template/plugins.html.j2:22
msgid "Plugins bundled with Zrythm"
msgstr ""
#: template/plugins.html.j2:47
msgid "{} screenshot"
msgstr ""
#: template/plugins.html.j2:61
msgid "Technical specs"
msgstr ""
#: template/privacy.html.j2:19 template/privacy.html.j2:22
#: template/privacy.html.j2:31
msgid "Privacy Policy"
msgstr ""
#: template/purchase-thanks.html.j2:19
msgid "Thank You"
msgstr "Gracias"
#: template/purchase-thanks.html.j2:31
msgid ""
"Thank you for supporting development! You will receive an email soon with "
"instructions to download your installer."
msgstr ""
#: template/purchase-thanks.html.j2:38
msgid ""
"Once you download the zip file, extract it and run "
"<code>./</code> in a terminal. If you experience any problems, "
"please contact us."
msgstr ""
"Una vez descargado el archivo .zip, extráigalo y ejecute "
"<code>./</code> en un terminal. Contáctenos si tiene algún "
#: template/purchase-thanks.html.j2:45
msgid "Go back to home page"
msgstr "Volver a la página principal"
#: template/trademarks.html.j2:19
msgid "Trademark Policy"
msgstr ""