Serd subproject with meson
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This library is designed to allow parallel installation of different major
versions. To facilitate this, the shared library name, include directory, and
pkg-config file are suffixed with the major version number of the library.
For example, if this library was named "foo" and at version 1.x.y:
Dependencies check for pkg-config name "foo-1" and will build
against a compatible version 1, regardless any other installed versions.
Packages should follow the same conventions as above, i.e. include the major
version (and only the major version) in the name of the package. Continuing the
example above, the package(s) would be named foo-1 and foo-1-dev. This way,
if/when version 2 comes out, it may be installed at the same time as version 1
without breaking anything.
Please do not create packages of this library that do not follow these
guidelines, you will break things and cause unnecessary headaches. Please do
not use any number as a suffix other than the actual major version number of the
upstream source package.
Because program and documentation names are not versioned, these should be
included in separate packages which may replace previous versions, since
there is little use in having parallel installations of them.