Serd subproject with meson
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Installation Instructions
Basic Installation
Building this software requires only Python. To install with default options:
./waf configure
./waf install
You may need to become root for the install stage, for example:
sudo ./waf install
Configuration Options
All supported options can be viewed using the command:
./waf --help
Most options only need to be passed during the configure stage, for example:
./waf configure --prefix=/usr
./waf install
Compiler Configuration
Several standard environment variables can be used to control how compilers are
* CC: Path to C compiler
* CFLAGS: C compiler options
* CXX: Path to C++ compiler
* CXXFLAGS: C++ compiler options
* CPPFLAGS: C preprocessor options
* LINKFLAGS: Linker options
Installation Directories
The --prefix option (or the PREFIX environment variable) can be used to change
the prefix which all files are installed under. There are also several options
allowing for more fine-tuned control, see the --help output for details.
Everything can be installed to a specific root directory by passing a --destdir
option to the install stage (or setting the DESTDIR environment variable),
which adds a prefix to all install paths. For example:
./waf configure --prefix=/usr
./waf install --destdir=/tmp/package