Rtmidi subproject with meson
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RtMidi - a set of C++ classes that provides a common API for realtime MIDI input/output across Linux (ALSA & JACK), Macintosh OS X (CoreMIDI & JACK), and Windows (Multimedia Library).
By Gary P. Scavone, 2003-2019 (with help from many others!)
v.4.0.0: (17 April 2019)
- see git history for complete list of changes
- updates to test programs to clarify port numbering
- new C API wrapper
- new functions to get API names
- miscellaneous sysex fixes in Jack and ALSA
- new setPortName() method (for Jack and ALSA)
- new setClientName() method (for ALSA)
- various build system updates and code efficiencies
v.3.0.0: (31 August 2017)
- see git history for complete list of changes
- new sendMessage() function that does not use std::vector
- various std::string updates, including use of UTF8 for port names
- fixes for the MIDI queue
- various build system updates and code efficiencies
v2.1.1: (11 February 2016)
- updates to automake routines
- added C API (thanks to Atsushi Eno!)
- JACK ringbuffer allocation change
- OSX virtual port closing fix
- OSX sysex sending fix
- moved Windows kernel streaming code to other branch because it is incomplete
- miscellaneous small fixes
v2.1.0: (30 March 2014)
- renamed RtError class to RtMidiError and embedded it in RtMidi.h (and deleted RtError.h)
- fix to CoreMIDI implementation to support dynamic port changes
- removed global ALSA sequencer objects because they were not thread safe (Martin Koegler)
- fix for ALSA timing ignore flag (Devin Anderson)
- fix for ALSA incorrect use of snd_seq_create_port() function (Tobias Schlemmer)
- fix for international character support in CoreMIDI (Martin Finke)
- fix for unicode conversion in WinMM (Dan Wilcox)
- added custom error hook that allows the client to capture an RtMidi error outside of the RtMidi code (Pavel Mogilevskiy)
- added RtMidi::isPortOpen function (Pavel Mogilevskiy)
- updated OS-X sysex sending mechanism to use normal message sending, which fixes a problem where virtual ports didn't receive sysex messages
- Windows update to avoid lockups when shutting down while sending/receiving sysex messages (ptarabbia)
- OS-X fix to avoid empty messages in callbacks when ignoring sysex messages and split sysexes are received (codepainters)
- ALSA openPort fix to better distinguish sender and receiver (Russell Smyth)
- Windows Kernel Streaming support removed because it was uncompilable and incomplete
v2.0.1: (26 July 2012)
- small fixes for problems reported by Chris Arndt (scoping, preprocessor, and include)
v2.0.0: (18 June 2012)
- revised structure to support multiple simultaneous compiled APIs
- revised ALSA client hierarchy so subsequent instances share same client (thanks to Dan Wilcox)
- added beta Windows kernel streaming support (thanks to Sebastien Alaiwan)
- updates to compile as a shared library or dll
- updated license
- various memory-leak fixes (thanks to Sebastien Alaiwan and Martin Koegler)
- fix for continue sysex problem (thanks to Luc Deschenaux)
- removed SGI (IRIX) support
v1.0.15: (11 August 2011)
- updates for wide character support in Windows
- stopped using std::queue and implemented internal MIDI ring buffer (for thread safety ... thanks to Michael Behrman)
- removal of the setQueueSizeLimit() function ... queue size limit now an optional arguement to constructor
v1.0.14: (17 April 2011)
- bug fix to Jack MIDI support (thanks to Alexander Svetalkin and Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas)
v1.0.13: (7 April 2011)
- updated RtError.h to the same version as in RtAudio
- new Jack MIDI support in Linux (thanks to Alexander Svetalkin)
v1.0.12: (17 February 2011)
- Windows 64-bit pointer fixes (thanks to Ward Kockelkorn)
- removed possible exceptions from getPortName() functions
- changed sysex sends in OS-X to use MIDISendSysex() function (thanks to Casey Tucker)
- bug fixes to time code parsing in OS-X and ALSA (thanks to Greg)
- added MSW project file to build as library (into lib/ directory ... thanks to Jason Champion)
v1.0.11: (29 January 2010)
- added CoreServices/CoreServices.h include for OS-X 10.6 and gcc4.2 compile (thanks to Jon McCormack)
- various increment optimizations (thanks to Paul Dean)
- fixed incorrectly located snd_seq_close() function in ALSA API (thanks to Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas)
- updates to Windows sysex code to better deal with possible delivery problems (thanks to Bastiaan Verreijt)
v1.0.10: (3 June 2009)
- fix adding timestamp to OS-X sendMessage() function (thanks to John Dey)
v1.0.9: (30 April 2009)
- added #ifdef AVOID_TIMESTAMPING to conditionally compile support for event timestamping of ALSA sequencer events. This is useful for programs not needing timestamps, saving valuable system resources.
- updated functionality in OSX_CORE for getting driver name (thanks to Casey Tucker)
v1.0.8: (29 January 2009)
- bug fixes for concatenating segmented sysex messages in ALSA (thanks to Christoph Eckert)
- update to ALSA sequencer port enumeration (thanks to Pedro Lopez-Cabonillas)
- bug fixes for concatenating segmented sysex messages in OS-X (thanks to Emmanuel Litzroth)
- added functionality for naming clients (thanks to Pedro Lopez-Cabonillas and Axel Schmidt)
- bug fix in Windows when receiving sysex messages if the ignore flag was set (thanks to Pedro Lopez-Cabonillas)
v1.0.7: (7 December 2007)
- configure and Makefile changes for MinGW
- renamed midiinfo.cpp to midiprobe.cpp and updated VC++ project/workspace
v1.0.6: (9 March 2006)
- bug fix for timestamp problem in ALSA (thanks to Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas)
v1.0.5: (18 November 2005)
- added optional port name to openVirtualPort() functions
- fixed UNICODE problem in Windows getting device names (thanks Eduardo Coutinho!).
- fixed bug in Windows with respect to getting Sysex data (thanks Jean-Baptiste Berruchon!)
v1.0.4: (14 October 2005)
- added check for status byte == 0xF8 if ignoring timing messages
- changed pthread attribute to SCHED_OTHER (from SCHED_RR) to avoid thread problem when realtime cababilities are not enabled.
- now using ALSA sequencer time stamp information (thanks to Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas)
- fixed memory leak in ALSA implementation
- now concatenate segmented sysex messages in ALSA
v1.0.3: (22 November 2004)
- added common pure virtual functions to RtMidi abstract base class
v1.0.2: (21 September 2004)
- added warning messages to openVirtualPort() functions in Windows and Irix (where it can't be implemented)
v1.0.1: (20 September 2004)
- changed ALSA preprocessor definition to __LINUX_ALSASEQ__
v1.0.0: (17 September 2004)
- first release of new independent class with both input and output functionality