LV2 subproject with meson
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#!/usr/bin/env python
import os
import re
import sys
from waflib import Build, Context, Logs, Options, Scripting, Utils
from waflib.extras import autowaf as autowaf
# Mandatory waf variables
APPNAME = 'lv2' # Package name for waf dist
VERSION = '1.18.1' # Package version for waf dist
top = '.' # Source directory
out = 'build' # Build directory
# Release variables
title = 'LV2'
uri = ''
dist_pattern = ''
post_tags = []
# Links for documentation
list_email = ''
list_page = ''
# Map of specification base name to old URI-style include path
spec_map = {
'atom': 'lv2/',
'buf-size': 'lv2/',
'core': 'lv2/',
'data-access': 'lv2/',
'dynmanifest': 'lv2/',
'event': 'lv2/',
'instance-access': 'lv2/',
'log': 'lv2/',
'midi': 'lv2/',
'morph': 'lv2/',
'options': 'lv2/',
'parameters': 'lv2/',
'patch': 'lv2/',
'port-groups': 'lv2/',
'port-props': 'lv2/',
'presets': 'lv2/',
'resize-port': 'lv2/',
'state': 'lv2/',
'time': 'lv2/',
'ui': 'lv2/',
'units': 'lv2/',
'uri-map': 'lv2/',
'urid': 'lv2/',
'worker': 'lv2/'}
def options(ctx):
{'no-coverage': 'Do not use gcov for code coverage',
'online-docs': 'Build documentation for web hosting',
'no-check-links': 'Do not check documentation for broken links',
'no-plugins': 'Do not build example plugins',
'copy-headers': 'Copy headers instead of linking to bundle'})
def configure(conf):
conf.load('compiler_c', cache=True)
except Exception:
Options.options.build_tests = False
Options.options.no_plugins = True
conf.load('compiler_cxx', cache=True)
except Exception:
if Options.options.online_docs: = True
conf.load('lv2', cache=True)
conf.load('autowaf', cache=True)
autowaf.set_c_lang(conf, 'c99')
if Options.options.strict:
# Check for programs used by lint target
conf.find_program("flake8", var="FLAKE8", mandatory=False)
conf.find_program("clang-tidy", var="CLANG_TIDY", mandatory=False)
conf.find_program("iwyu_tool", var="IWYU_TOOL", mandatory=False)
if Options.options.ultra_strict:
autowaf.add_compiler_flags(conf.env, 'c', {
'gcc': [
'clang': [
autowaf.add_compiler_flags(conf.env, '*', {
'clang': [
'gcc': [
'msvc': [
'/wd4061', # enumerator in switch is not explicitly handled
'/wd4100', # unreferenced formal parameter
'/wd4244', # conversion with possible loss of data
'/wd4267', # conversion from size_t to a smaller type
'/wd4310', # cast truncates constant value
'/wd4365', # signed/unsigned mismatch
'/wd4464', # relative include path contains ".."
'/wd4514', # unreferenced inline function has been removed
'/wd4706', # assignment within conditional expression
'/wd4710', # function not inlined
'/wd4711', # function selected for automatic inline expansion
'/wd4820', # padding added after construct
'/wd5045', # will insert Spectre mitigation for memory load
autowaf.add_compiler_flags(conf.env, 'cxx', {
'gcc': [
'clang': [
if 'mingw' in conf.env.CC[0]:
autowaf.add_compiler_flags(conf.env, '*', {
'gcc': [
if conf.env.DEST_OS == 'win32' or not hasattr(os.path, 'relpath'):
Logs.warn('System does not support linking headers, copying')
Options.options.copy_headers = True
conf.env.BUILD_TESTS = Options.options.build_tests
conf.env.BUILD_PLUGINS = not Options.options.no_plugins
conf.env.COPY_HEADERS = Options.options.copy_headers
conf.env.ONLINE_DOCS = Options.options.online_docs
if conf.env.DOCS or conf.env.ONLINE_DOCS:
conf.env.BUILD_BOOK = True
except Exception:
Logs.warn('Asciidoc not found, book will not be built')
if not Options.options.no_check_links:
if not conf.find_program('linkchecker',
var='LINKCHECKER', mandatory=False):
Logs.warn('Documentation will not be checked for broken links')
# Check for gcov library (for test coverage)
if (conf.env.BUILD_TESTS and
not Options.options.no_coverage and
not conf.is_defined('HAVE_GCOV')):
conf.check_cc(lib='gcov', define_name='HAVE_GCOV', mandatory=False)
if conf.env.BUILD_TESTS:
conf.find_program('serdi', mandatory=False)
conf.find_program('sord_validate', mandatory=False)
autowaf.set_lib_env(conf, 'lv2', VERSION, has_objects=False)
autowaf.set_local_lib(conf, 'lv2', has_objects=False)
[os.path.join(conf.path.abspath(), 'lv2')])
if conf.env.BUILD_PLUGINS:
for i in ['eg-amp.lv2',
path = os.path.join('plugins', i)
conf.env.LV2_BUILD += [path]
'LV2_PATH', [conf.build_path('plugins/%s/lv2' % i)])
except Exception as e:
Logs.warn('Configuration of %s failed (%s)' % (i, e))
{'Bundle directory': conf.env.LV2DIR,
'Copy (not link) headers': bool(conf.env.COPY_HEADERS),
'Version': VERSION})
def chop_lv2_prefix(s):
if s.startswith('lv2/'):
return s[len('lv2/'):]
return s
def subst_file(template, output, dict):
i = open(template, 'r')
o = open(output, 'w')
for line in i:
for key in dict:
line = line.replace(key, dict[key])
def specdirs(path):
return (path.ant_glob('lv2/*', dir=True) +
path.ant_glob('plugins/*.lv2', dir=True))
def ttl_files(path, specdir):
def abspath(node):
return node.abspath()
return map(abspath,
path.ant_glob(specdir.path_from(path) + '/*.ttl'))
def load_ttl(files, exclude = []):
import rdflib
model = rdflib.ConjunctiveGraph()
for f in files:
if f not in exclude:
model.parse(f, format='n3')
return model
# Task to build extension index
def build_index(task):
src_dir = task.inputs[0].parent.parent
import rdflib
doap = rdflib.Namespace('')
model = load_ttl([str(src_dir.find_node('lv2/core/meta.ttl')),
# Get date for this version, and list of all LV2 distributions
proj = rdflib.URIRef('')
date = None
dists = []
for r in model.triples([proj, doap.release, None]):
revision = model.value(r[2], doap.revision, None)
created = model.value(r[2], doap.created, None)
if str(revision) == VERSION:
date = created
dist = model.value(r[2], doap['file-release'], None)
if dist and created:
dists += [(created, dist)]
print('warning: %s has no file release\n' % proj)
rows = []
for f in task.inputs:
if not f.abspath().endswith(''):
rowfile = open(f.abspath(), 'r')
rows += rowfile.readlines()
if date is None:
import datetime
import time
now = int(os.environ.get('SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH', time.time()))
date = datetime.datetime.utcfromtimestamp(now).strftime('%F')
subst_file(task.inputs[0].abspath(), task.outputs[0].abspath(),
{'@ROWS@': ''.join(rows),
'@DATE@': date})
def build_spec(bld, path):
name = os.path.basename(path)
bundle_dir = os.path.join(bld.env.LV2DIR, name + '.lv2')
include_dir = os.path.join(bld.env.INCLUDEDIR, path)
old_include_dir = os.path.join(bld.env.INCLUDEDIR, spec_map[name])
# Build test program if applicable
for test in bld.path.ant_glob(os.path.join(path, '*-test.c')):
test_lib = []
test_cflags = ['']
test_linkflags = ['']
if bld.is_defined('HAVE_GCOV'):
test_lib += ['gcov']
test_cflags += ['--coverage']
test_linkflags += ['--coverage']
if bld.env.DEST_OS not in ['darwin', 'win32']:
test_lib += ['rt']
# Unit test program
bld(features = 'c cprogram',
source = test,
lib = test_lib,
uselib = 'LV2',
target = os.path.splitext(str(test.get_bld()))[0],
install_path = None,
cflags = test_cflags,
linkflags = test_linkflags)
# Install bundle
bld.path.ant_glob(path + '/?*.*', excl='*.in'))
# Install URI-like includes
headers = bld.path.ant_glob(path + '/*.h')
if headers:
for d in [include_dir, old_include_dir]:
if bld.env.COPY_HEADERS:
bld.install_files(d, headers)
os.path.relpath(bundle_dir, os.path.dirname(d)))
def build(bld):
specs = (bld.path.ant_glob('lv2/*', dir=True))
# Copy lv2.h to include directory for backwards compatibility
old_lv2_h_path = os.path.join(bld.env.INCLUDEDIR, 'lv2.h')
if bld.env.COPY_HEADERS:
bld.install_files(os.path.dirname(old_lv2_h_path), 'lv2/core/lv2.h')
bld.symlink_as(old_lv2_h_path, 'lv2/core/lv2.h')
# LV2 pkgconfig file
bld(features = 'subst',
source = '',
target = 'lv2.pc',
install_path = '${LIBDIR}/pkgconfig',
PREFIX = bld.env.PREFIX,
# Validator
bld(features = 'subst',
source = 'util/',
target = 'lv2_validate',
chmod = Utils.O755,
install_path = '${BINDIR}',
LV2DIR = bld.env.LV2DIR)
# Build extensions
for spec in specs:
build_spec(bld, spec.path_from(bld.path))
# Build plugins
for plugin in bld.env.LV2_BUILD:
# Install lv2specgen
bld.install_files('${BINDIR}', 'lv2specgen/',
# Install schema bundle
if bld.env.ONLINE_DOCS:
# Generate .htaccess files
for d in ('ns', 'ns/ext', 'ns/extensions'):
path = os.path.join(str(bld.path.get_bld()), d)
bld(features = 'subst',
source = 'doc/',
target = os.path.join(path, '.htaccess'),
install_path = None,
BASE = '/' + d)
if bld.env.DOCS or bld.env.ONLINE_DOCS:
# Copy spec files to build dir
for spec in specs:
srcpath = spec.path_from(bld.path)
basename = os.path.basename(srcpath)
full_path = spec_map[basename]
name = 'lv2core' if basename == 'core' else basename
path = chop_lv2_prefix(full_path)
bld(features = 'subst',
is_copy = True,
source = os.path.join(srcpath, name + '.ttl'),
target = path + '.ttl')
# Copy stylesheets to build directory
for i in ['style.css', 'pygments.css']:
bld(features = 'subst',
is_copy = True,
name = 'copy',
source = 'doc/%s' % i,
target = 'aux/%s' % i)
# Build Doxygen documentation (and tags file)
autowaf.build_dox(bld, 'LV2', VERSION, top, out, 'doc', False)
index_files = []
for spec in specs:
# Call lv2specgen to generate spec docs
srcpath = spec.path_from(bld.path)
basename = os.path.basename(srcpath)
full_path = spec_map[basename]
name = 'lv2core' if basename == 'core' else basename
ttl_name = name + '.ttl'
index_file = bld.path.get_bld().make_node('index_rows/' + name)
index_files += [index_file]
chopped_path = chop_lv2_prefix(full_path)
assert chopped_path.startswith('ns/')
root_path = os.path.relpath('/', os.path.dirname(chopped_path[2:]))
html_path = '%s.html' % chopped_path
out_dir = os.path.dirname(html_path)
style_uri = os.path.relpath('aux/style.css', out_dir)
cmd = (str(bld.path.find_node('lv2specgen/')) +
' --root-uri='
' --root-path=' + root_path +
' --list-email=' + list_email +
' --list-page=' + list_page +
' --style-uri=' + style_uri +
' --docdir=' + os.path.relpath('doc/html', out_dir) +
' --tags=%s' % bld.path.get_bld().make_node('doc/tags') +
' --index=' + str(index_file) +
(' --online' if bld.env.ONLINE_DOCS else '') +
' ${SRC} ${TGT}')
bld(rule = cmd,
source = os.path.join(srcpath, ttl_name),
target = [html_path, index_file],
shell = False)
# Install documentation
os.path.join('${DOCDIR}', 'lv2', os.path.dirname(html_path)),
index_files.sort(key=lambda x: x.path_from(bld.path))
# Build extension index
bld(rule = build_index,
name = 'index',
source = ['doc/'] + index_files,
target = 'ns/index.html')
# Install main documentation files
bld.install_files('${DOCDIR}/lv2/aux/', 'aux/style.css')
bld.install_files('${DOCDIR}/lv2/ns/', 'ns/index.html')
def check_links(ctx):
import subprocess
if ctx.env.LINKCHECKER:
'--no-status', out]):
ctx.fatal('Documentation contains broken links')
if bld.cmd == 'build':
if bld.env.BUILD_TESTS:
# Generate a compile test file that includes all headers
def gen_build_test(task):
with open(task.outputs[0].abspath(), 'w') as out:
for i in task.inputs:
out.write('#include "%s"\n' % i.bldpath())
out.write('int main(void) { return 0; }\n')
bld(rule = gen_build_test,
source = bld.path.ant_glob('lv2/**/*.h'),
target = 'build-test.c',
install_path = None)
bld(features = 'c cprogram',
source = bld.path.get_bld().make_node('build-test.c'),
target = 'build-test',
includes = '.',
uselib = 'LV2',
install_path = None)
if 'COMPILER_CXX' in bld.env:
bld(rule = gen_build_test,
source = bld.path.ant_glob('lv2/**/*.h'),
target = 'build-test.cpp',
install_path = None)
bld(features = 'cxx cxxprogram',
source = bld.path.get_bld().make_node('build-test.cpp'),
target = 'build-test-cpp',
includes = '.',
uselib = 'LV2',
install_path = None)
if bld.env.BUILD_BOOK:
# Build "Programming LV2 Plugins" book from plugin examples
class LintContext(Build.BuildContext):
fun = cmd = 'lint'
def lint(ctx):
"checks code for style issues"
import subprocess
import glob
st = 0
if "FLAKE8" in ctx.env:"Running flake8")
st =[ctx.env.FLAKE8[0],
Logs.warn("Not running flake8")
if "IWYU_TOOL" in ctx.env:"Running include-what-you-use")
cmd = [ctx.env.IWYU_TOOL[0], "-o", "clang", "-p", "build"]
output = subprocess.check_output(cmd).decode('utf-8')
if 'error: ' in output:
st += 1
Logs.warn("Not running include-what-you-use")
if "CLANG_TIDY" in ctx.env and "clang" in ctx.env.CC[0]:"Running clang-tidy")
sources = glob.glob('**/*.h', recursive=True)
sources = list(map(os.path.abspath, sources))
procs = []
for source in sources:
cmd = [ctx.env.CLANG_TIDY[0], "--quiet", "-p=.", source]
procs += [subprocess.Popen(cmd, cwd="build")]
for proc in procs:
stdout, stderr = proc.communicate()
st += proc.returncode
Logs.warn("Not running clang-tidy")
if st != 0:
def test_vocabularies(check, specs, files):
import rdflib
foaf = rdflib.Namespace('')
lv2 = rdflib.Namespace('')
owl = rdflib.Namespace('')
rdf = rdflib.Namespace('')
rdfs = rdflib.Namespace('')
# Check if this is a stable LV2 release to enable additional tests
version_tuple = tuple(map(int, VERSION.split(".")))
is_stable = version_tuple[1] % 2 == 0 and version_tuple[2] % 2 == 0
# Check that extended documentation is not in main specification file
for spec in specs:
path = str(spec.abspath())
name = os.path.basename(path)
name = 'lv2core' if name == 'core' else name
vocab = os.path.join(path, name + '.ttl')
spec_model = rdflib.ConjunctiveGraph()
spec_model.parse(vocab, format='n3')
def has_statement(s, p, o):
for t in spec_model.triples([s, p, o]):
return True
return False
check(lambda: not has_statement(None, lv2.documentation, None),
name = name + ".ttl does not contain lv2:documentation")
# Check specification manifests
for spec in specs:
path = str(spec.abspath())
manifest_path = os.path.join(path, 'manifest.ttl')
manifest_model = rdflib.ConjunctiveGraph()
manifest_model.parse(manifest_path, format='n3')
uri = manifest_model.value(None, rdf.type, lv2.Specification)
minor = manifest_model.value(uri, lv2.minorVersion, None)
micro = manifest_model.value(uri, lv2.microVersion, None)
check(lambda: uri is not None,
name = manifest_path + " has a lv2:Specification")
check(lambda: minor is not None,
name = manifest_path + " has a lv2:minorVersion")
check(lambda: micro is not None,
name = manifest_path + " has a lv2:microVersion")
if is_stable:
check(lambda: int(minor) > 0,
name = manifest_path + " has even non-zero minor version")
check(lambda: int(micro) % 2 == 0,
name = manifest_path + " has even micro version")
# Load everything into one big model
model = rdflib.ConjunctiveGraph()
for f in files:
model.parse(f, format='n3')
# Check that all named and typed resources have labels and comments
for r in sorted(model.triples([None, rdf.type, None])):
subject = r[0]
if (type(subject) == rdflib.term.BNode or
foaf.Person in model.objects(subject, rdf.type)):
def has_property(subject, prop):
return model.value(subject, prop, None) is not None
check(lambda: has_property(subject, rdfs.label),
name = '%s has rdfs:label' % subject)
if check(lambda: has_property(subject, rdfs.comment),
name = '%s has rdfs:comment' % subject):
comment = str(model.value(subject, rdfs.comment, None))
check(lambda: comment.endswith('.'),
name = "%s comment ends in '.'" % subject)
check(lambda: comment.find('\n') == -1,
name = "%s comment contains no newlines" % subject)
check(lambda: comment == comment.strip(),
name = "%s comment has stripped whitespace" % subject)
# Check that lv2:documentation, if present, is proper Markdown
documentation = model.value(subject, lv2.documentation, None)
if documentation is not None:
check(lambda: documentation.datatype == lv2.Markdown,
name = "%s documentation is explicitly Markdown" % subject)
check(lambda: str(documentation).startswith('\n\n'),
name = "%s documentation starts with blank line" % subject)
check(lambda: str(documentation).endswith('\n\n'),
name = "%s documentation ends with blank line" % subject)
# Check that all properties are either datatype or object properties
for r in sorted(model.triples([None, rdf.type, rdf.Property])):
subject = r[0]
types = list(model.objects(subject, rdf.type))
check(lambda: ((owl.DatatypeProperty in types) or
(owl.ObjectProperty in types) or
(owl.AnnotationProperty in types)),
name = "%s is a Datatype/Object/Annotation property" % subject)
def test(tst):
import tempfile
with"Data") as check:
specs = (tst.path.ant_glob('lv2/*', dir=True))
schemas = list(map(str, tst.path.ant_glob("schemas.lv2/*.ttl")))
spec_files = list(map(str, tst.path.ant_glob("lv2/**/*.ttl")))
plugin_files = list(map(str, tst.path.ant_glob("plugins/**/*.ttl")))
bld_files = list(map(str, tst.path.get_bld().ant_glob("**/*.ttl")))
if "SERDI" in tst.env and sys.platform != 'win32':
for f in spec_files:
with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(mode="w") as tmp:
base_dir = os.path.dirname(f)
cmd = tst.env.SERDI + ["-o", "turtle", f, base_dir]
if "SORD_VALIDATE" in tst.env:
all_files = schemas + spec_files + plugin_files + bld_files
check(tst.env.SORD_VALIDATE + all_files)
test_vocabularies(check, specs, spec_files)
except ImportError as e:
Logs.warn('Not running vocabulary tests (%s)' % e)
with'Unit') as check:
pattern = tst.env.cprogram_PATTERN % '**/*-test'
for test in tst.path.get_bld().ant_glob(pattern):
class Dist(Scripting.Dist):
def execute(self):
'Execute but do not call archive() since dist() has already done so.'
def get_tar_path(self, node):
'Resolve symbolic links to avoid broken links in tarball.'
return os.path.realpath(node.abspath())
class DistCheck(Dist, Scripting.DistCheck):
def execute(self):
def archive(self):
def _get_news_entries(ctx):
from waflib.extras import autoship
# Get project-level news entries
lv2_entries = autoship.read_ttl_news('lv2',
dist_pattern = dist_pattern)
release_pattern = r'[0-9\.]*).tar.bz2'
current_version = sorted(lv2_entries.keys(), reverse=True)[0]
# Add items from every specification
for specdir in specdirs(ctx.path):
name = os.path.basename(specdir.abspath())
files = list(ttl_files(ctx.path, specdir))
if name == "core":
files = [f for f in files if (not f.endswith('/meta.ttl') and
not f.endswith('/people.ttl') and
not f.endswith('/manifest.ttl'))]
entries = autoship.read_ttl_news(name, files)
def add_items(lv2_version, name, items):
for item in items:
lv2_entries[lv2_version]["items"] += ["%s: %s" % (name, item)]
if entries:
latest_revision = sorted(entries.keys(), reverse=True)[0]
for revision, entry in entries.items():
if "dist" in entry:
match = re.match(release_pattern, entry["dist"])
if match:
# Append news items to corresponding LV2 version
version = tuple(map(int,'.')))
add_items(version, name, entry["items"])
elif revision == latest_revision:
# Not-yet-released development version, append to current
add_items(current_version, name, entry["items"])
# Sort news items in each versions
for revision, entry in lv2_entries.items():
return lv2_entries
def posts(ctx):
"generates news posts in Pelican Markdown format"
from waflib.extras import autoship
os.mkdir(os.path.join(out, 'posts'))
except Exception:
os.path.join(out, 'posts'),
{'Author': 'drobilla'})
def news(ctx):
"""write an amalgamated NEWS file to the source directory"""
from waflib.extras import autoship
autoship.write_news(_get_news_entries(ctx), 'NEWS')
def dist(ctx):
def distcheck(ctx):