LV2 subproject with meson
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#!/usr/bin/env python
import os
from waflib.extras import autowaf as autowaf
import waflib.Logs as Logs
import literasc
def confgure(conf):
def bld_book_src(task):
filenames = []
for i in task.inputs:
filenames += [i.abspath()]
literasc.gen(open(task.outputs[0].abspath(), 'w'), filenames)
def build(bld):
files = [bld.path.find_node('README.txt')]
for i in ['eg-amp.lv2',
files += bld.path.ant_glob('%s/*.txt' % i)
files += bld.path.ant_glob('%s/manifest.ttl*' % i)
files += bld.path.ant_glob('%s/*.ttl' % i)
files += bld.path.ant_glob('%s/*.c' % i)
files += bld.path.ant_glob('%s/*.h' % i)
# Compile book sources into book.txt asciidoc source
bld(rule = bld_book_src,
source = files,
target = 'book.txt')
# Run asciidoc to generate book.html
stylesdir = bld.path.find_node('../doc/').abspath()
pygments_style = bld.path.find_node('../doc/style.css').abspath()
bld(rule = 'asciidoc -a stylesdir=%s -a source-highlighter=pygments -a pygments-style=%s -b html -o ${TGT} ${SRC}' % (
stylesdir, pygments_style),
source = 'book.txt',
target = 'book.html')