LV2 subproject with meson
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== Simple Amplifier ==

This plugin is a simple example of a basic LV2 plugin with no additional features.
It has audio ports which contain an array of `float`,
and a control port which contains a single `float`.

LV2 plugins are defined in two parts: code and data.
The code is written in C, or any C compatible language such as C++.
Static data is described separately in the human and machine friendly[Turtle] syntax.

Generally, the goal is to keep code minimal,
and describe as much as possible in the static data.
There are several advantages to this approach:

* Hosts can discover and inspect plugins without loading or executing any plugin code.
* Plugin data can be used from a wide range of generic tools like scripting languages and command line utilities.
* The standard data model allows the use of existing vocabularies to describe plugins and related information.
* The language is extensible, so authors may describe any data without requiring changes to the LV2 specification.
* Labels and documentation are translatable, and available to hosts for display in user interfaces.