Zrythm installer
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Alexandros Theodotou bd80a46270
fix windows build
2 days ago
patches update cairo patch 1 year ago
PKGBUILD-cairo-mingw.in windows: fix cairo build 1 year ago
PKGBUILD-carla-mingw.in windows-msys: build release versions of carla 8 months ago
PKGBUILD-dpf-plugins.in windows-msys: add dpf-plugins recipe 9 months ago
PKGBUILD-gtk4-mingw.in update gtk4/libadwaita/libpanel 2 months ago
PKGBUILD-libadwaita-mingw.in windows: libadwaita: disable debug option 2 months ago
PKGBUILD-libpanel-mingw.in fix windows build 3 days ago
PKGBUILD-lilv-mingw windows: attempt to fix serd build 7 months ago
PKGBUILD-lsp-dsp-lib-mingw.in lsp-dsp-lib - windows: don't call make fetch 1 year ago
PKGBUILD-meson fix debian build 2 years ago
PKGBUILD-serd-mingw windows: attempt to fix serd build 7 months ago
PKGBUILD-sord-mingw fix windows build 2 days ago
PKGBUILD-sratom-mingw windows: attempt to fix serd build 7 months ago
PKGBUILD.in fix windows build 2 days ago
collect_dlls.sh.in windows-msys: simplify collecting dlls 6 months ago
copy-dll-deps.sh windows: split make_dist and make_installer 2 years ago
installer.iss windows-msys: show the main license in the installer 6 months ago
make_dist_dir.sh.in add bundled plugins to windows dist dir 6 months ago
make_mingw_pkg.sh.in windows-msys: print package contents after packaging 10 months ago
make_windows_chroot.sh.in windows-msys: package gktsourceview5 instead of 4 9 months ago
make_windows_installer.sh.in add missing license headers 1 year ago
make_zrythm_mingw_pkg.sh.in windows: switch to ucrt64 1 year ago
meson.build msys: use cairo from msys when building gtk4 2 months ago