Zrythm installer
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# chroot dir
# full paths to each package (pkg.tar.zst) to install
rm -rf $chroot_dir
mkdir -p $chroot_dir/var/lib/pacman
mkdir -p $chroot_dir/var/log
mkdir -p $chroot_dir/tmp
pacman -Syu --root $chroot_dir
pacman -S \
filesystem bash pacman \
mingw-w64-x86_64-gtksourceview4 \
--noconfirm --needed --root $chroot_dir
for pkg in "$packages"; do
pacman -U "$pkg" --noconfirm --needed --root $chroot_dir
pacman -U $zrythm_pkg_tar \
--noconfirm --needed --root $chroot_dir
cp -R /mingw64/lib/carla "$chroot_dir/mingw64/lib/"
glib-compile-schemas.exe \