collection of audio DSP plugins
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#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#define SP_BUFSIZE 4096
#ifndef SPFLOAT
#define SPFLOAT float
#define SP_OK 1
#define SP_NOT_OK 0
#define SP_RANDMAX 2147483648
typedef unsigned long sp_frame;
typedef struct sp_auxdata {
size_t size;
void *ptr;
} sp_auxdata;
typedef struct sp_data {
int sr;
int nchan;
unsigned long len;
unsigned long pos;
char filename[200];
uint32_t rand;
} sp_data;
typedef struct {
char state;
} sp_param;
int sp_auxdata_alloc(sp_auxdata *aux, size_t size);
int sp_auxdata_free(sp_auxdata *aux);
int sp_create(sp_data **spp);
int sp_createn(sp_data **spp, int nchan);
int sp_destroy(sp_data **spp);
int sp_process(sp_data *sp, void *ud, void (*callback)(sp_data *, void *));
int sp_process_raw(sp_data *sp, void *ud, void (*callback)(sp_data *, void *));
int sp_process_plot(sp_data *sp, void *ud, void (*callback)(sp_data *, void *));
int sp_process_spa(sp_data *sp, void *ud, void (*callback)(sp_data *, void *));
SPFLOAT sp_midi2cps(SPFLOAT nn);
int sp_set(sp_param *p, SPFLOAT val);
int sp_out(sp_data *sp, uint32_t chan, SPFLOAT val);
uint32_t sp_rand(sp_data *sp);
void sp_srand(sp_data *sp, uint32_t val);
typedef struct {
SPFLOAT *utbl;
int16_t *BRLow;
int16_t *BRLowCpx;
} sp_fft;
void sp_fft_init(sp_fft *fft, int M);
void sp_fftr(sp_fft *fft, SPFLOAT *buf, int FFTsize);
void sp_fft_cpx(sp_fft *fft, SPFLOAT *buf, int FFTsize);
void sp_ifftr(sp_fft *fft, SPFLOAT *buf, int FFTsize);
void sp_fft_destroy(sp_fft *fft);
#ifndef kiss_fft_scalar
#define kiss_fft_scalar SPFLOAT
typedef struct {
kiss_fft_scalar r;
kiss_fft_scalar i;
typedef struct kiss_fft_state* kiss_fft_cfg;
typedef struct kiss_fftr_state* kiss_fftr_cfg;
/* SPA: Soundpipe Audio */
typedef struct {
char magic;
char nchan;
uint16_t sr;
uint32_t len;
} spa_header;
typedef struct {
spa_header header;
size_t offset;
int mode;
FILE *fp;
uint32_t pos;
} sp_audio;