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a highly automated and intuitive digital audio workstation

Updated 2 hours ago

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zrythm builds (meta-repo used to build installers)

Updated 2 days ago

Zrythm installer

Updated 2 weeks ago

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Source code of www.zrythm.org

Updated 3 weeks ago

collection of audio DSP plugins

Updated 2 months ago

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Localization for zrythm-accounts

Updated 3 months ago

additional distros for zrythm builds

Updated 3 months ago

libcyaml with meson and patches for zrythm

Updated 4 months ago

library for reading and resampling audio files

Updated 7 months ago

Rtmidi subproject with meson

Updated 11 months ago

Passthrough GTK4 LV2 plugin

Updated 11 months ago

Zrythm website source code, version 2 (Pelican)

Updated 1 year ago

assets for the Zrythm project

Updated 1 year ago

Rtaudio subproject with meson

Updated 2 years ago

LV2 subproject with meson

Updated 2 years ago