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# control -On with `optimization` option
meson build -Doptimization=2 -Ddebug=false
ninja -C build

Meson first looks for an existing system installation of libcyaml. If not found, it will fetch a meson-ified version of libcyaml from (the respository/branch here).

Usage of the subproject can be forced by passing

meson build --force-fallback-for=libcyaml

The code of the subproject will be fetched inside the subprojects dir and can be directly edited. After editing, the next invocation of ninja -C build will re-build it and use it. Note: editing the .wrap file has no effect if the subproject already exists. To force a re-fetch of the subproject based on the .wrap file, delete the subprojects/libcyaml directory


This only works with Zrythm project YAML files

build/large-yaml-test <path-to-yaml>


full_project.h is under AGPLv3 or later (see its header). Everything else in this distribution is in the public domain (CC0).